Discarded plastic PET bottles are
transformed into fibers.

Discarded clothes are
transformed into fibers.

Keep evolving over the next 25 years
in pursuit of comfort and functionality.



High-quality polyester offers a variety of solutions

For 25 years since its inception, ECOPET® has been used in a variety of different fields ranging from clothing to industrial materials, as well for housing and automobile interior materials.

scene03 Stations and Trains

Because of its versatility in fiber form and high potential as a functional material, ECOPET® has a wide variety of applications.

Application example: Train seats and uniforms for station attendants

scene04 Automobiles

While catering to different needs, including clothing, and addressing diverse issues, we also actively explore new horizons.

Application example: Automobiles (interior materials)

scene07 Housing

The use of ECOPET® in household commodities has been increasing because of growing environmental awareness.

Application example: Garbage drain bags for kitchen sinks, futons, pillows, and hand wipes

scene08 Parks

We created high sweat-absorbing, quick-drying textiles by making the surface area of the fibers larger. They also offer high durability and abrasion resistance, making them the textiles best suited for sportswear.

Application example: Sportswear and shopping bags

scene01 Schools

Quick-drying, durable gym clothes and synthetic leather randsels (Japanese schoolbags) are made from ECOPET®.

Application example: Gym clothes, randsels, curtains, and shoes

scene02 Factories

ECOPET® is a material best suited for uniforms since sweat-absorption, quick-drying, lightweight, heat-shielding, thermal insulation, and dry touch functionalities can be added to it.

Application example: Workwear

scene05 Hospitals

Our product portfolio also includes smooth, wrinkle-resistant textiles. We have also created functional materials using antistatic yarn that does not attract lint or dust.

Application example: Medical clothing

scene06 Offices

The building material is more than adequate since it is light and can be made into sound-absorbing fibers. There are also fire-resistant products designed to minimize damage from disasters.

Application example: Suits, ceiling material, name cards, and disaster blankets

scene09 Stores

ECOPET® is often used in outdoor products that require weather and water resistance as well as colorfast fabrics.

Application example: Banners, tablecloths, and disaster blankets


Recycling Process

Plastic PET bottles and old clothes are transformed into new fibers.

ECOPET® is made from used plastic PET bottles, clothes, and fiber waste.
It is then transformed into the desired products using the various technologies of Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.

  • Discarded plastic PET bottles, clothes, and fiber waste

  • Recycling

  • Raw staple fiber and Raw filament



Technologies of Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.

Creating everything from Raw filament and textiles to products by leveraging our long-accumulated technological development capabilities.

By capitalizing on the technological development capabilities of Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., we deliver original Raw filament, Raw staple fiber, textiles, and clothes globally.





Sustainability policy of Coats, the major manufacture of sewing thread in the world, and what they expect of ECOPET®